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Still no net

As soon as it comes back on, I’ll answer rps!

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Question about Hyrulw Warriors

Is it possible to switch from the bombs to any of the other weapons?

Because I’m playing as Ganondorf, and need them to stop Manhandela and Gohma.

And Zant ran away |D;

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"Just be careful, that's my bad side." He said.

He whispered his apologies.

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Jack opened one arm for Pitch. "Come cuddle with us."

"Gladly." He purred as he got into the bed.

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"Nope!" She giggled. Jack kissed her nose, then squeezed her tight.

"That’s my girl!"

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Send me a “♣” if you want ship our muses.
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Spazzoid the Hedgehog // Reference by 50shadesofPitchBlack

Anonymous said—

Sorry to bug you with what is probably a stupid question, but what is the "onceler fandom" that everyone keeps talking about...? I am very confused. I saw you post some stuff talking about it, but nothing saying what it was... Sorry for bugging you. x.x



how bab can me be??

OK THO EVEN THO THIS IS ACTUALLY A STRAIGHT ANSWER………. The onceler fandom is a fandom revolving around THAT DUDE from The Lorax and it was all over this site and youre so, so lucky you missed it it was like shrek but 800x worse

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Jack pulled Seraphina onto his chest. "Thank you. You are such a brave girl."

He chuckled. “Bet he won’t be messing with your mother again.”

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If my character were an angel, what would they be guardian over?



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