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Who Are You…?

a seer with an incorruptible wand and a scrappy dog. sounds good

I’m an archer that controls air with a Phoenix.

Posted: 4 months ago on 14/5/14 at 8:18am
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    Im an Archer, withthe power of Flight and my companion is a wise owl…im okay with this, just dont call me katniss
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    Invincible monk with a jovial gargoyle. I seem somewhat designed and sensible?
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    A knight with a cursed amulet with a servant boy
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    A thief who can shapeshift and is accompanied by a smiling pirate
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    Ikr I would much rather be a shapeshifting knight with a steadfast wolf
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    That is SOOO not you lol
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    Beastmaster with the control of fire whose companion is a smitten healer. Well damn
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    A King with an enchanted tome with a warrior maiden as a companion
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    A princess with flight, and a careful ranger as a companion
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    Flying King with a Shy Griffon. Fuck yeah.
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    Flying Archer with a Selfish Raven!
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    An alchemist with the power/an artifact that controls fire that hangs out with a kindly nymph. That’s pretty sweet
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    An archer with fairy dust with a dashing rouge
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    I am a knight that has a ebony dagger and my companion is a dashing rogue