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a seer with an incorruptible wand and a scrappy dog. sounds good

I’m an archer that controls air with a Phoenix.

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    I’m a necromancer who wields fairy dust and has a smitten healer for a companion!~
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    I’m a priestess who has control of water, with a baby dragon as my companion Yes, I enjoy this selection
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    I am a Beast Master with a Golden Sceptre in the company of a flirty pixie haha
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    I’m a thief who has Invincibility with a smitten healer as a companion. And my boyfriend is a Necromancer with Divine...
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    An archer who can fly accompanied by a helpful barmaid. Sounds like fun.
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    a necromancer with a sacred stone accompanied by a dashing rogue >v> heuehehu
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    A Knight pirate who can fly
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    June - Princess M - Shapeshifting 5 - Dashing Rouge …Well, Imma Shapeshifting Princess with a Dashing Rouge…. …Huh…
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    A knight with control of water and a kindly nymph.
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    I AM A MONK WHO CONTROLS AIR BITCHES with a jovial gargoyle
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    a waterbending beast master with a clever spirit
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    A priestess with a mystical tome and with a servant boy……
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    A flying necromancer traveling with older brother…whose probably dead. This sounds like a DC character
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    Mage with power over water and a Smitten Healer… I ciukd get used to this.
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    A beast master with an ancient talisman and…an older brother? Interesting
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    I’m also a Thief with control of air, but my companion is a smitten healer. I’ll take it :D